What is it in Sunglasses that make you safe?

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Sunglasses, these days, are not just meant to protect eyes from sunlight. Though they have acquired their name from this specific use, I see many people fooling around at nights with their sunglasses on.

What do you use your sunglasses for? To conceal your eyes from letting other person know your expressions, as a part of fashion or cool looks. If this is the actual reason why you are wearing sunglasses, then you can rely on buying $10 piece instead of $200 piece.

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Purchasing either of them makes no big difference.

But if you are buying to avoid getting hurt from ultraviolet radiations, then it might make big difference in buying cheaper piece instead of costlier and branded one.


An expensive pair of sunglasses is high-grade glasses that can completely eliminate ultraviolet rays from entering your eyes through them. They are coated with some specific materials so that you don’t have to bother with tinting, polarization, photo-chromatics, scratches, reflections, and mostly the Ultraviolet rays.

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