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Smart Engineering And Production

Appropriate production and design methodologies have been developed and extended continuously, also there is advancement in the virtual development of products. The new approaches are focusing on the integration of challenging innovation of smart products into design methodology and product development.

What Is Digital Research? How Is It Helpful?

Digital Research is a specialized process used in the world of digital marketing. Its goal is to understand the target audience so that the marketing strategies and content can be tweaked effectively so that the desired results can be achieved.

Performance Auto Parts

Nowadays, there are quite a number of people who prefer to replace the factory-fitted parts of their automobiles, with performance auto parts. As suggested by the name, this replacement is not due to any damage, but for increasing the car/SUV performance. Until the recent past, these types of modifications were primarily confined to racers. But … Continue reading Performance Auto Parts

Main Components of Industrial Air Handling Unit

In a world where global warming is fast becoming a matter of concern, where the average temperatures of places in every corner are gradually increasing with every passing day, staying comfortable is becoming synonymous with temperature control. New devices to control the temperature are becoming increasingly popular. The best temperature control systems are using the … Continue reading Main Components of Industrial Air Handling Unit

The Future of Farming and the Enhancement of Agricultural & Horticultural Output

As the population increases rapidly in different parts of the world, the various countries are going to face a major challenge trying to feed their people on a regular basis. According to an estimate presented by FAO, around 9.6 billion people are going to inhabit our planet by the year 2050.┬áThe global agricultural and horticulture … Continue reading The Future of Farming and the Enhancement of Agricultural & Horticultural Output