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Common Reasons for 404 Errors

404 errors are common and a major trouble for the e-commerce websites. Due to this the website revenue may come down and their will be a drop in the customer satisfaction.

Why Web Site Maintenance is Important?

Do you have a website? If yes, you must have a good maintenance for your website from time to time because good maintenance gives good results to your site. A good website is one in which it have great maintenance and monitoring.

Website Speed Improvement Tips

Website visitors are impatient.If the page loading time is high automatically the visitor look for another website. They may not come back to the same website. Therefore, improving website speed is important to retain visitors, to retain the position in search engine ranking. Google’s search engine algorithm takes into account the speed of a website while ranking. This article discusses important tips to load a website faster.

Network Monitoring Services Enable 24X7 Security

Network monitoring services are getting high popularity due to their data security facilities and troubleshooting facilities. Monitoring programs monitor the networks at micro-level and generate the periodical information about network’s performance.

Know About Active and Passive Website Monitoring Services

Website Monitoring services offer a wide variety of monitoring services for the companies which sell their businesses online. They check the performance of the sites also check for the up time and downtime and send timely notifications through email or SMS if they find any problem in the companies website.

Role of Website Monitoring in Server Quality Control

Website monitoring is important to every website because it improves the performance of the website and it reduces the server downtime. Website quality depends upon the server downtime which reduces the customers interest on a particular website.