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Performance Auto Parts

Nowadays, there are quite a number of people who prefer to replace the factory-fitted parts of their automobiles, with performance auto parts. As suggested by the name, this replacement is not due to any damage, but for increasing the car/SUV performance. Until the recent past, these types of modifications were primarily confined to racers. But … Continue reading Performance Auto Parts

An Overview of Hybrid Cars

The anxiety over the overwhelming rate of utilization of fossil fuels forced studies to look out for alternate sources of energy. The motive of the efforts is to save the fossil fuels for the future generation along with meeting the present needs. This led to the concept of sustainability development.

Hybrid Cars Vs Traditional Cars

Hybrid cars are new generation engines. These cars include both traditional car engine and a electric motor that works on both alternatively. Traditional cars works with a single energy source of combustion fossil fuels. In this article we have compared hybrid cars with traditional cars.