Become a magician with numbers

I know how drastic is it dealing with numbers. Mathematics still remains the night mare of many children especially during their schooling. I call it math’s phobia which is very commonly seen among almost 70% of a normal class.

I have tried a lot to deal with it was never a 100% success in spite of my 120% effort.

But when you keep aside those things aside for a time, you can become a magician by playing with numbers. It is predicting numbers with a small hint or no hint. But you should be good enough with basic things of mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division without help of a paper or a calculator. Since those are very small things compared to your intelligence, you can master them within no time with proper practice.

Then search on internet for number tricks. All those are free to access and very easy to understand. Make sure you don’t choose silly or bigger ones. You may mess up with your magic.