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Equipment Used in Yoga

Beginners to yoga can have more benefits from different yoga equipment which will comfort them when doing difficult poses. When yoga is practiced at home or with a group, yoga equipment is used to have comfort and develop flexibility and strength. Clothing: When practicing yoga, clothing which is comfortable should be worn. Shirts must be … Continue reading Equipment Used in Yoga

Importance Of Cardiovascular Fitness

Cardiovascular exercise is considered as the most essential fitness program to improve complete fitness, to develop endurance (resistance), and improve blood circulation.   Cardio conditioning is very necessary and also very energetic general fitness exercise to improve general resistance of lungs, heart, and whole cardio respiratory system. It helps in increasing systemic and muscular function … Continue reading Importance Of Cardiovascular Fitness

Qualities Of Yoga Teacher

A yoga teacher should meet the criteria of communication, assistance, listening, and adjustment. Knowledge: A yoga teacher should have a broad understanding of the yogic path, and yoga’s tools, to assist individual students to cultivate a personal practice. Certain amount of proficiency is required, though complete knowledge is gained by practicing with individuals under the … Continue reading Qualities Of Yoga Teacher