Control Systems In Draft Fans

Control system is applied in all kinds of mechanical devices in order to obtain the required output from the system. In case of draft fans, control systems include motor controllers, belt drives and adjustable speed drives. Among the above three motor controllers, the kind of drive used is very important. These controllers will decide the overall efficiency of the system.

Motor Controllers

  • The motor controllers are switching

Rules and Regulations with the Ventilation System

Workers have a right to work in a safe place. The laws are imposed on employer in order to make the work place better, by providing ventilation system, health support, equipment to safeguard from fire accidents etc in the work place. Some basic acts related to ventilation system are as follows. We can say, in terms of the government laws the definition of the industrial Ventilation system is the method… Continue reading

tunnel ventilation

Limitations of the ventilation system

tunnel ventilationIn nature everything has limitations, likewise ventilation system also has its limitations. The limitations occur when there is excess expenditure on the system, due to mechanical Mal-function or due to the system failure or may be due to any other reason.

Require ongoing Maintenance

  • The ventilation system requires a regular and ongoing maintenance in order to ensure

Knowing about Ventilation System

Industrial ventilation system is the process of circulating air inside the industry that of with the outside in order to make industrial air breathable, maintain adequate moisture, odor, smoke and maintain heat level. Ventilation also includes circulation of air within the building. It is one of the important factor of maintaining a good indoor air quality inside a building. It can also said as a mechanical system which is used… Continue reading

Biggest Employers in Canada

Leading employers in Canada drive the country’s economy with an efficient combination of different services like banking, science and technology, manufacturing etc. In this article, we discuss the biggest employers with their brief introduction.

Canadian imperial bank of commerce (CIBC)

  • CIBC is a leading financial institution providing wide range of financial products and services by electronic banking networks and it extensive branch. This organization operates in three

Different Types of Commercial Printing Techniques

Advancement in technology has led a great progress in printing methods. Today, several printing processes have come to be useful for businesses – it’s been possible customize to the needs of each business. Before the invention of the printing methods people suffered a lot for making printings to promote their business. It has been a pain-stacking process for them earlier to print books, brochures, broadsheets etc. Today, the job has… Continue reading