Five Silly Ways to Pass On Time

Time is precious. People say it again and again. But many times we have so much time in hand. We cannot use it for any good purpose because we don’t have mood.

We feel lazy, we feel bored, we feel sad, internet or TV is not working, out of computer games, friends are not available, etc. there are many other situations where people crave for ways to pass on their time.

As an empty mind is devil’s workshop, and you don’t like to welcome devils into your empty brains, you are recommended to use these following ideas

  • Start counting stars. Best way to pass on time; but works only in nights with clear skies.
  • If its morning, why not count birds that fly above you?
  • Select a tree and start counting its leaves. Make sure you select a tree with no birds and is of less height.
  • Sit or stand beside a busy road and count number of cars and buses and other vehicles that pass by you.

Why is every thing related to counting here? Though doing some math is the best way to pass on time, I know there are many people who hate Numbers. So this last tip is for them.

  • Put your jogging shoes and start running and don’t stop until you feel you can’t run any more.

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