Party in the office? Avoid these

It was party time for many offices recently. Some may feel good that they did well at the office; some might have felt that they messed up with their image and reputation. What ever may be the case, it is not what you felt about but what your fellows felt, that matters.

Parties can help a lot to know your colleagues as well as bring up some good talent in you. At the same time any mistake you did will spoil your reputation in the organization which may sometimes destroy your career. It will not be possible to say sorry and escape from the situation because it is a party.

So, instead of regretting on what you did, why not be careful the next time. Let’s see what you should avoid in an office party in general

  • It is likely that they serve you alcohol as much as you drink. But it is you who should be careful to touch it as a formality.
  • Make sure you are not off the limits, though you are on some informal chat. Because you have to work with them the next day.
  • Don’t talk about yourself a lot. It will reveal many negative points about you and you know what the consequences are.
  • Avoid criticizing a person behind him. It will give you a cheap image.

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