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Types of Car Insurances

Insurance is to minimize the risk for the property or for the life. The coverage of the insurance is based on the policy company offered and the insurer selected method. When the coverage is increased the premium for the insurance is also increase. Most of the states at present insurance for cars are made compulsory. Now we will see the different types of insurances available for the cars.

Things to Consider While Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

Recently Consumer Federation of America published a guide, “Navigating the Auto Claims’ Maze: Getting the Settlement You Deserve.” This guide helps the drivers navigate the claims process and avoid getting unpaid or less-paid for their claims. It also provides some useful tips on filing claims with others’ driver’s insurance company when you are not at … Continue reading Things to Consider While Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

Insurance regulations in Ireland June 2009

Ireland insurance industry is a both domestic and international focused industry. It covers the business lines across the life general reinsurance and special purpose sectors. Many professionals, administrators, and captive managers support Ireland insurance industry. Ireland has recognized legislative structure for insurance business. Its international industry developed due to Ireland’s membership of the European Union. … Continue reading Insurance regulations in Ireland June 2009