Winter Tips: How To Prevent Frozen Pipes?

What does the winter mean for you? Snowfall, chilled weather, jammed roads, and Frozen pipes.

I find myself in a mess with frozen pipes, every winter until this year. After a clearing of a big mess caused by the frozen pipes the previous winter, I determined firmly that I am not going to have another mess the next year again.

After lots of research and analysis of suggestions from my friends and foes, I finally created a plan against winter messing my pipes. And it worked. I thought to share with you, the preparations against frozen pipes before winter arrives.

  • Insulation serves good for your pipes to fight against winter. You can choose between rubber insulation and Fiberglass insulation based on your prior experience with the materials.
  • Apply electrically powered heat tape or cables, in a spiral pattern to the pipes. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer carefully.
  • Look for seal leaks and air leaks in the pipes and fix them. Even a tiny leak can let in enough cold air to cause a pipe-freeze.

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