After-work: What to avoid?

After a long day work, it is time to relax. You have did formal conversations, been worried about some project, messed up with some task and re-did it again, etc, etc. These all happen in job. If you are serious about making a bright career, you have to come across even bigger tasks.

But you may mess up with such a hard day by relaxing too much after hours. However you may be good at work, your social behavior also does count in your office. And this is the same reason why many work places are desperate after people with good background during interviews.

Getting a bad boy image may work at colleges and Hollywood. But when you are in a decent work place it is much likely that they boot you out, with such image.

So stop being a bad boy in the office and around the office.

Avoid revealing office secrets to outsiders. If you are caught start counting your days in the work place. Avoid talking bad about your colleagues to anyone.

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