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All about Anti-Locking Brakes in an Automobile

Anti-lock braking system is a powerful braking system used in modern automobiles. An anti-lock braking system prevents the wheel locking or skidding. An electrical control unit, hydraulic actuator and individual wheel speed sensors that work together to prevent brakes from locking.

Drum Brakes Vs Disc Brakes

Most people are unaware of the characteristics and features of the drum and disk brakes. In this article, we will explore about the features and characteristics of drum and disk brakes.

Know the Types of Wheel Drives and Their Advantages and Disadvantages

It is the wheel drive system through which engine drives all the four wheels of the vehicle. There are different wheel drives and all of them have advantages and disadvantages. Types of wheel drives: Front-wheel drive Rear-wheel drive All or four-wheel drive 1. Front-wheel drive: It is the most commonly used layout for driving. This … Continue reading Know the Types of Wheel Drives and Their Advantages and Disadvantages

Signs of Transmission Problems

For untrained and average drivers, it is very difficult or an impossible task to diagnose problems with the vehicle. If the problems are relating to the mechanical systems, they will exhibit noice and sensations. Those are the indicators that there is something wrong. There are several forms of transmission problems. Each symptom can might be … Continue reading Signs of Transmission Problems

An Overview of Hybrid Cars

The anxiety over the overwhelming rate of utilization of fossil fuels forced studies to look out for alternate sources of energy. The motive of the efforts is to save the fossil fuels for the future generation along with meeting the present needs. This led to the concept of sustainability development.