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The Future of Farming and the Enhancement of Agricultural & Horticultural Output

As the population increases rapidly in different parts of the world, the various countries are going to face a major challenge trying to feed their people on a regular basis. According to an estimate presented by FAO, around 9.6 billion people are going to inhabit our planet by the year 2050.┬áThe global agricultural and horticulture … Continue reading The Future of Farming and the Enhancement of Agricultural & Horticultural Output

Know How HVAC System Works

HVAC is a complex system of heating, ventilating and air conditioning. This system unites several components which cool and heat the room. Dual duty is performed by components such as ventilation systems and heating pumps for both air conditioning and heating. Many home owners rely on this system as the heating or cooling continues until it reaches the temperature you have set. It is the thermostat that senses the temperature setting. Let us discuss briefly about how HVAC system works:

Maintenance of Air Conditioners

Air conditioners should be maintained on a regular basis to perform at an optimal level and ensure efficient operation. Negligence in maintaining will lead to inefficient working condition of the air conditioner. Read this article to know which parts of the AC should be maintained on a regular basis.

Basic Parts of a Car Engine You Need to Know

The most important part of your car is its engine. Getting to know the parts in the engine will helpful for small repairs in emergencies. The core part of the engine contains a cylinders. There is a cylinder moving up and down. If it is a multi-cylinder engine, the pistons arranged horizontally opposed in a single line, or with an angle to one on other opposite. Each type of alignment has its advantages.