Do You Feel That You Live Your Life with Style

Style in my perception is the unique term that involves we make, wear, cook, sing and etc.. It involves in anything and everything we do. Recently I saw a women and her age would be40’s and above, still love to wear Keds that were popular back in 80’s. However, she felt like she was so “behind the times” that she was hesitant to wear them outside of her home. Many of us live our lives with others style of living and I would say

“This is about living your life with style and if your shoes prevent you from getting out and walking around on a Saturday afternoon, then you’re not really living your life with style. You’re trying to live it with somebody else’s style.”

If you surround yourself with the things you love…. And not with the things that are grouped together in one of those things which you got from stores. Make your life s you dream. You don’t need someone else to tell you how to dress yourself or decorate your home. Be confident in yourself and your style will shine through. The things that make you happy are the very things that define your personal style.

Now keep everything out there for the world to see! And start living your life with style.

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