Drum Brakes Vs Disc Brakes

Most people are unaware of the characteristics and features of the drum and disk brakes. In this article, we will explore about the features and characteristics of drum and disk brakes.

Drum brakes:
Drum brakes is named as the shape. The brakes are operated by the driver with his foot on the pedal and is pushed outwards. This makes the wheels slow down.

Disc brakes:
These brakes have a metal rotor that spin along with the wheel. When the brakes are applied the brake pads are squeezed out by a caliper over the disc which slows down the wheel.

Differences between drum and disc brakes:

  • Disc brakes are superior when compared to drum brakes because they heat better than drum brakes
  • Disc brakes cool faster than drum brakes
  • Disc brakes are less prone to water and mud
  • Disc brakes are more reliable and stable
  • Disc brakes can be used in variety of vehicles
  • Disc brakes are self adjustable as the wheels are near the spinning rotor
  • Disc brakes are easy to maintain and also the pads can be replaced easily
  • Even after the long usage the disc brakes will be more effective than drum brakes
  • Disc brakes stop better than the drum brakes in high speed situations
  • The only disadvantage of disc brake is, it is difficult to maintain and install
  • Drum brakes performance is not effected in wet weather conditions
  • Drum brakes are more efficient in parking i.e, it efficiently acts as a parking brake than the disc brake as the disc brakes need additional device to be installed
  • Drum brakes are less expensive than disc brakes
  • They work mainly as emergency brakes
  • Drum brakes are lighter and cheaper in the production and these are fuel efficient
  • Drum brakes require less hydraulic force than disc brakes
  • Drum brakes can easily lock up and are less linear
  • Drum brakes have large tiers
  • Power stopping can be faded easily with hard barking
  • One more disadvantage with drum brakes is anti lock brakes

Most of the vehicles are now coming with both disc and drum brakes. The combination may give best results to the drivers. Based on the need of the person the brakes can be chosen. Not all vehicles come with both. Some have drum brakes and some have disc brakes so before purchasing the vehicle you must have clear idea about the brakes and go for the kind of brakes you require.