Pedestrian Safety And Night Vision In Your Car

While driving your car along with your safety and comfort, you need take into account the lives of those who are on the road – pedestrians. Recently cars are also being equipped with systems that enhance the driving capabilities of the driver. Cars have become relatively safer than they were before. It is also considering pedestrian safety. For this, technology has come up for detection of pedestrians on the roads when you are driving the car at a high speed. This is often blurred due the insufficient illumination levels and partly because sometimes the pedestrians get blended in the surroundings and they become in-differentiable. Pedestrian detection and night vision technology features in the automobiles have come as a relief to this problem.

Pedestrian safety feature in your car
The urban roads are always have people moving in and across them. The safety of the pedestrians over the years have become a major issue. Though not deliberately, unpleasant things happen to pedestrians on the roads due to circumstances that can not be blamed either on the driver or the pedestrians. Many a times they are are so well blended with the surroundings like walls and tress by virtue of their dressing that it is very difficult to differentiate them from the surroundings. This becomes the cause of the accidents.

To avert such mishaps on the road, manufacturers have come up with pedestrian detection technology. This is somewhat similar to the technology that detects pedestrians by your digital camera. The vehicles are equipped with radars and cameras for this cause. The radars regularly scan the area sectors in the direction of the car and intimate the presence of any pedestrian to the driver. This intimation can be in the form of highlighting the pedestrian on the AR windscreen or through voice or alarm.

The cameras use a little different approach. They take multiples shots of the sectors and process them through image processing. The software can be programmed to detect pedestrian.

The systems intimate the driver in due course of time and in extreme situations, they take the lead to apply brakes automatically.

Night vision technology
The detection of pedestrians becomes even more worse in cases of less amounts of illumination during dusk and night. The high beam of the vehicle and the street lights are not as effective as daylight in detecting the pedestrians through naked eye.

Night vision systems in the cars come handy in these situations. The latest night vision technology uses infrared beam and thermal imaging techniques to enhance the vision of the driver during insufficient lighting conditions.

Infrared beams are not visible to naked eye but the cameras can detect them and render a better view. The thermal imaging instead of projecting infrared beams, uses the thermal radiations emitted by bodies to image them with the help of thermographic camera.

Many times pedestrian casualties happen because of speeding vehicles due to the mistake committed by drivers. The developments in electronics has come up as helpful tool. The safety of pedestrians has increased with the advent of the technology. The drivers can now ensure adequate safety to the pedestrians while driving.