Teen Driving: Precautions and Measures

The life cycle of a human is divided in many phases. Teenage is one of them. In teenage, a person is in a transition state and posses high energy levels. He is the master of immense strength and vigor. It seems like as if he has the strength to achieve anything and make the impossible possible. But unfortunately, sometimes the calculations turn up as miscalculations and this results in heavy consequences. Their quest for fun and thrill can end up in them being lost their lives or in worse being crippled for life. Adversely other innocent people may have to pay for their mistakes which is very unjustified.

Various state government agencies in U.S.A accepts the fact that the accidents caused by age groups between 16-19 years is four times that that of age group 25-69 years.

Guidelines for teenagers
The teenage drivers should acknowledge the importance of safe driving and should be open for suggestions and guidelines from their elders. It is for their own good.

  • They should obtain a driving permit and practice enough off road before coming on roads. They should not drive to impress. They should not be alleviated by the fellow passenger teen’s encouragement to over speed and indulge in street racing.
    • They should focus on safe driving practices and learn defensive driving compulsorily. Defensive driving is the art of sensing and interpreting the situations correctly and drive in a way to save life, time and money regardless of the mistakes of others.
  • They should follow traffic rules stringently and should avoid distractions like eating, speaking on phone etc while driving. They must compulsorily restrain themselves with seat belts while driving. Particularly teenagers should not drive in a vehicle as a group. They tend to create more distraction for the driver.
  • They should not drive when they are drunk or lacks enough consciousness. In case they feel drowsy or not capable of driving, they should request a friend to drive for them and drop them home.

Guidelines for parents

  • Parents should ensure giving good counseling to their children before entrusting them with the responsibility of driving. They should tell them about the importance of safe driving and the importance of life. They should force their children to wear seat belts compulsorily and adhere to traffic and safety rules.
  • They must keep due vigilance on their child by installing parental control system and GPS in their vehicles. With this they will be able to monitor the driving trends of their children and the areas he is visiting.
  • They should not allow high horsepower vehicles for their kids. The vehicles should be bulky and should contain some safety systems if possible.

Teenagers tend to make more accidents on roads than any other age group on this planet. Even old people with low driving and physical capabilities far much better than them. The difference is in the ignorance and awareness levels. The teens needs to be less ignorant and more aware about the road safety. This can lead to avoidance of many road accidents. An aware teenager makes a responsible citizen of a country.