Few Tips to Extend Car’s Battery Life

Car batteries have a particular life time whether used or not they have to be replaced at certain instant. They form the powerhouse of the car that controls various parts performing an important function for the vehicle owner. To stay away from replacing the battery frequently and to enhance its longevity one should maintain properly and take proper care. In this article few tips on how to extend the life time of a car’s battery are explained.

Battery should be kept clean : Keeping the battery clean makes it last longer thus increasing it s efficiency and life.

  • Dust and dirt accumulate over the cables and the battery with time which acts as conductive agent causing immense discharge causing loss of electricity.
  • Hence to avoid it from damage and deterioration it has to be cleaned properly starting from the early stage.

Water level have to be checked: Regular checking of the water level present in the battery should be done which usually plays an important role in its maintenance.

  • Usage of distilled water using plastic or rubber tools make a preferable choice.
  • Metal tools are not recommended for refilling purpose because it may contaminate and affect the quality of water.
  • Over filling of the battery leads to its damage hence over filling should be avoided and should ensure that the plates submerge completely.

Disconnect the batteries while not in use: It is a good choice to disconnect the batteries while not in use making it a good choice for keeping the car from unnecessary discharge of electricity.

One should stay away from short trips: One simple way for extending the car’s battery life.

    • By cutting down short trips it adds up life for the car battery.
    • Especially people living in the colder regions condensation occurs in the exhaust system and on starting if evaporation does not occur properly it finally results in build up of water resulting in damage of the battery.

Never jump & start your car: Never jump start on any dead cold battery, better allow it to warm up in case of no option which can be get done by placing the vehicle in sun for 30 minutes before starting.

A note of caution: Never try opening a sealed lead battery for cleaning the lead plates because it’s too dangerous and risky option.

  • It not also damages the battery but also may cause injury to the one who is operating.
  • Batteries usually contain some heavy metals and harmful chemicals which make explosive gases while charging so never interfere with them and make sure that they are charge in a well ventilated area.
  • Before handling the battery which is installed in the car allow proper ventilation to take place after opening the hood of the car.

The above given are few tips that help the vehicle owners to consider the ways from staying away from frequent battery replacement. By following the above tips and with proper maintenance battery’s life and vehicle condition can be improved.