Myths About Drug Addiction

Most of the people do not know the facts regarding drug addiction and have many wrong notions which causes them many problems.

Myth: Drug addiction is voluntary.
Fact: First drug use might be a choice, later drug changes the chemistry of the brain and leading to the uncontrollable need for the drug.

Myth: Useful drugs are legal, while harmful drugs are illegal.
Fact: All drugs can be abused whether it is legal or illegal. Sometimes, legal drugs are so harmful that treatment for drug abuse is essential.

Myth: Mixing drugs is not harmful.
Fact: Mixing drugs is very dangerous. Most of the times, overdose and death happens due to combining of drugs.

Myth: Addicts cannot recover.
Fact: Every person may not recover from drug dependency, but with appropriate drug rehab program and avoidance from drugs, fruitful recovery is possible.

Myth: All drugs abusers are generally middle-aged men.
Fact: Any person can become addicted or abuse drugs.

Myth: Once detoxification is completed and if the addict does not revert to drugs, then changes in the passages of the brain will turn back to their earlier healthy state.
Fact: Pain of withdrawal symptoms may be completed, but complete health is generally never fully reverted. Brain damage generally remains for the rest of a person’s life.

Myth: Driving is not affected by the effects of drugs.
Fact: Drugs have a negative impact on driving ability. Many drugs damages coordination, softens muscles, affect attention span and judgment and blurs vision.

Myth: An addiction is a sensitive condition, and not very strenuous at all.
Fact: An addiction is an extremely serious condition and its dependency will have impact on all areas of life, from work to relationship.

Myth: Pregnant women can use drugs without worrying about dangerous side effects.
Fact: For a pregnant woman any drugs used can lead to very harmful and dangerous effects. Even the prescription drugs enter the developing fetus through the placenta barrier and causes harm. Breast feeding is also very harmful for the baby if drugs are consumed.

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