How to detect multiple drugs with single test?

Different types of tests are conducted on athletes for detecting different drugs in their body. Any kind of random drug testing is done without informing athlete that they are going to be tested. These tests are conducted without any prior declaration of dates or procedures.

This is done mainly to prevent athletes from abusing anymore, tries to tampering the specimen or in preventing them from going behind methods to pass drug tests. However, abusers can seek their high from metabolites, which disappear from their body very quickly and athletes are becoming choosy about the drugs they abuse to prevent getting caught in random drug tests. Though some escape from these tests but most of them are likely to get caught with random analyticalmethods. Specifically with oral tests methods people can pretend drug usage if samples are collected with in hour after drug use.

Steroid athlete drug testing is conducted because performance-enhancing drugs are banned by many professional sports authorities. Steroid testing can detect more than 20 different anabolic agents or performance-enhancing drugs, which are commonly used by bodybuilders, distance runners and by many other athletes.

Athlete drug tests are conducted because genuine athletes should get the appreciation and achieve their goals of winning medals.

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