How to prevent Drug Abuse In Teenagers

When teen drug use is considered, an ounce of prevention is worth so much more than a pound of cure. So, in order to protect your teen from drug use:

  • Discuss with your teens frequently on drugs. Utilize icebreakers presented in television shows or the radio, which are conversations but not lectures.
  • Make your teen involved more in extra-curricular activities. Schools provide sports or clubs and community organizations provides classes and youth groups which helps teen to build his or her identity in a positive way and also gives him less leisure time without getting bored. Studies have revealed that teens spend less time to hang out have less chances to abuse drugs.
  • When your teen plans to go out ask questions with whom he is going, where is he going, what he will be doing, etc, and examine him.
  • Demonstrate that your family will not use drugs. Do not ignore child when he makes mistake, but try healthier ways to enjoy life and to solve problems.

Make outing regularly with family regularly and involve your teen in planning it. Studies have revealed that kids who eat dinner together with their parents have fewer chances to abuse to drugs.

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