Signs Of Drug Abuse At Work Place

Substance abuse at workplace is a primary responsibility for employers. But, How to recognize a employee who is taking drugs? They can be identified with performance and behavioral signs.

Performance signs of an employee who is substance abuse are variation in the quality of work, Reduced productivity, longer lunch periods and early departures, Poor concentration or gets distracted easily, Increased absenteeism, Ignoring safety, secret disappearances from work, Carelessness, mistakes in judgment, unnecessary risk-taking.

Behavioral signs of a employee who is abused to drugs are Degradation of personal appearance, alteration in personality, Tired or falls asleep at work, repeated financial problems, prevention of friends and co-workers, criticizing others for own problems, Complaints about problems at home, Complaints and/or excuses of uncertainly defined illnesses. These are general signs of substance abuse, they may also be signs of some other problem with the employee. If these signs are observed in an employee then he or she should immediately undergo drug testing.

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