Hybrid Is Not A Cure – Solution For Rising Gas Price

The word hybrid is a symbol for fuel efficiency and green driving. But this is getting wrong in present automobile scenario. Gas prices went up so fast and high which resulted in dwindling hybrid market. In present world hybrid cars are new fulcrum of the U.S auto market that suffers low hybrid car sale because of high gas price.

Gas price increased up to $4 a gallon in the summer of 2008, which resulted to deduction on payback period of hybrid premium. This high gas price also affected the hybrid car ranking. The much-vaunted Prius comes to 34th position while best performing hybrid Honda Civic slips to 14th rank in true cost to own ranking.

According to Topark, buying a four-cylinder compact car with a gasoline engine is better than any hybrid car in the present condition.

The other major issue with hybrid car is its advantage in fuel efficiency. A hybrid performs better in the continuous stop-and-start of city driving but on the open road, its fuel-efficiency advantage declines, and their typical lack of punch is most exposed.