Why Should You Avoid Taking Caffeine Drinks?

Caffeine is one of the most popular drugs. Around 85 percent of Americans consume caffeine. It disturbs the functioning of the brain and also affects the nervous system. Larger amount of caffeine intake lead to lower average birth weights, and an increased chance of pre-term babies, etc,

Caffeine intake increases the blood pressure in a short time. The effect on blood pressure is most clear when the caffeine is taken in excessive quantities. When caffeine intake is more the brain doesn’t receive any messages, which causes the body to respond in certain ways to overcompensate.

After taking caffeine within 15 minutes, the heart beat faster, the breathing passages in the lungs will be prolonged, and the liver release sugar into the bloodstream to boost energy. In coffee and tea also caffeine content is more so, it is better to avoid coffee and tea during and around meals. Some time it may leads to iron deficiency. It is proved that caffeine present in alcohol causes caffeine intoxication and it may also lead to death.