Fire Safety Begins in Your Own Apartment

More than 40 percent of the apartments in US do not follow the fire safety rules. Still there are some apartments that give safety to their apartment. So every body should take care of their apartment fire safety measures. Because the risks associated with fire should be one of the chief concerns of any Apartment. You can be as answerable as ever, but who’s to say your neighbor is as careful as you are? He might walk away from a stove or a candle, leave a stationary heater too close to the drapes … a million scenarios could keep you awake at night. First you need to fix smoke alarm in your apartment. And also replace smoke alarm batteries seasonally, whether or not your smoke alarm is “chirping” at you to replace the battery. When you don’t have the alarm in your apartment or on your floor ask landlord to fix it immediately. Try to hold the brief fire safety meeting for residents, during which instruction on how to pull the fire alarms is provided, and residents discuss escape plans and other safety procedures, preventive and reactive. Always try to keep the phone numbers of your local fire department. And last thing you should know the where the exit stairwells are located, and never under any circumstances should you take the elevator if your building has one.

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