Should I Migrate to Windows 7?

Windows 7 OS is scheduled to be available to the public market in just over a month. There are many doubts and apprehensions about the capability of this OS as its earlier version Vista is a failure. It seems Microsoft has given enough weight this time to what the Windows users really wanted – a simpler and friendly OS. Windows 7 has some novel features while improving the older ones. Moreover, some flop features in Vista are removed from Windows 7 to improve the performance.

There are some advantages along with disadvantages of opting to Windows 7. The following information may help you in deciding whether you really need to upgrade to Windows 7-

Reasons to switch to Windows 7

  1. Application compatibility can be achieved by “Windows XP mode” by running virtual windows XP machine.
  2. Windows live essentials: It is a free software that make possible to do more things like instant messaging, e-mail, photo editing, and blogging.
  3. Improved search operation performance, as results will come instantly as categorized in groups. Moreover, key words are highlighted enabling easy file identification.
  4. Supports 64-bit PC that can handle huge amounts of information than a 32-bit system.
  5. Power management can be efficiently done by new features such as, running less number of background activities, automatic screen dimming, unused ports are not run and life indicator to battery.
  6. Multi touch technology allows to use more than one finger while operating the touch screen either at application level or system level.
  7. Protect files with features such as “Use Bit Locker” and “Bit Locker To Go”
  8. Continuous access to corporate resources with a broadband connection. No need to get a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.
  9. The feature “Domain Join” allows to connect multiple PCs, with or without a server.
  10. Supports 35 languages. So, you can easily switch among them by logging off, again logging on. Moreover, it supports handwriting recognition.
  11. System startup, shutdown and resumes are faster.
  12. Appearance of the desktop has improved by including fresh wallpapers, retooled task bar and improved gadgets
  13. Easy data sharing between two or more PCs by using “Share with” option.
  14. Windows 7 can read larger than 131 GB hard drive (unfragmented).
  15. Upgrading Vista to Windows7 will get 223% better performance while running IE8.
  16. In Action Center you can find information you need regarding system maintenance, trouble shooting, security issues etc.
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Reasons to avoid Windows7

  1. Older PCs doesn’t have hardware compatibility to achieve ‘Windows XP mode’.
  2. Windows7 provides less battery life to the notebooks than Windows XP.
  3. Need to do clean install if you want to upgrade from XP to Windows7.
  4. If you’re an XP user you need to learn a new user interface.
  5. Runs the browser 11.5% slower than Windows XP.
  6. Requires high configuration like Vista.
  7. Very expensive to buy.

The above mentioned details will help you in learning ins and outs of Windows 7. Windows 7 has fixes to the drawbacks in Vista and it is desirable to move to the new OS. For the XP users, you may need to think twice before moving to Windows 7. Ultimately it is you to decide based on your computer usage and requirements.