How Barcode Wristbands Help In Sample Management Of Patient

The biggest benefit of using bar code wristbands in healthcare environment is not only in terms of amount of information stored, but also in how they facilitate the information to be demonstrated and recorded. Using wristbands with barcode labels, as long as information is recorded correctly at the time of admitting, nurses, doctors, medical assistants, lab technicians, and other employees can ensure that the patient will be identified accurately and the correct information will be given every time the wristband is scanned.

In sample management, a nurse will scan the patient’s wristband before collecting the sample, and inspect in mobile computer in order to verify whether the sample is required or has not already taken. At the time of taking sample, a mobile printer will automatically generate a bar coded sample ID label, utilizing information from the patient scan and also the order of test stored in the mobile computer. This barcode label is applied to the sample immediately. This helps in reducing the possibility of sample to be misidentified. Avoiding errors ensures vital safety and liability benefits.

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