Applications Of 2D Barcode Symbology

2-Dimensional Barcode are useful, as they provide security and have large capacity to store information. It is used in wide variety of applications like:

Tax Return: The taxpayer can use some tax software, enter the appropriate data, and allow the

program perform all necessary calculations. When the task is done, the tax form can be printed out the information along with 2D barcode symbol using any ink jet or laser printer for posting to the tax authority.

When the form reaches the tax authority, the data can be taken from the symbol in seconds with 100% accuracy (no errors) in the scanning process. When a 2D barcode symbol is added to a form, it is known as intelligent document which can be read by human beings and also entered automatically and correctly into a computer whenever it is required. Company excise or sales tax returns, the submission of company employment data, and the acquisition of government economic statistics from business resources can be done in this method.

Packing List – Trading businesses use standard methods for encoding shipping information in a 2D symbol, adhered to a shipped order. Order data (like PO number, shipping date, product codes, quantities, etc.) can be automatically recorded into the receiver’s receiving computer terminal in few seconds.

Driver’s License – The driver’s name, address, license number, expiry date and driving restriction codes are encoded or encrypted in a 2D symbol which is printed on the operator’s license. Police officers, car rental agencies, hotels can enter information regarding the license holder without any difficulty.

Patient Record – A 2D symbol on a hospital patient’s chart record helps in encoding their name, health care number, doctor’s name, date of admission, allergies, etc. When treatment is given to the patient, the caregiver or doctor enters the action just by scanning the bar code. Moreover, barcode is also scanned when medication is provided in order to practically eliminate the possibility of giving a patient the wrong medicine.

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