Importance of Kitchen Table

Our modern age of accomplishing more, instant gratification and cheap massed produced everything has taken its toll on the children. We have substituted family time for all things cheap and meaningless.

  • When did the norm become having everything done for us?
  • Taking no pride in anything including the family?
  • Making a dinner that took the afternoon used to be a source of pride for who ever made it, typically the wife. It took time and skill, both of which seem to be a rare commodity these days. If someone actually cooks these days it tends to be a frozen dinner.
  • The funny part is that in alot of families even this farce of preparing dinner is met with “you cooked dinner?”
  • What happened to quality and pride?
  • When everything is replaceable in life what really has any meaning or value?
  • How can it have any value or meaning?

They were willing to set aside the time necessary to cook such a meal. In this day and age of no time that in itself says alot. When the effort is made it doesn’t go un-noticed simply because it’s so rare these days. One of the biggest keys to family meals is the initial effort put forth by the person that actually made it. This sets things in motion for all involved to put extra effort into the family meal.

Meetings around the family table are undistracted, face to face and more sincere. When home made dinners are included as a mandatory part of family life that family has a chance to become like the families of our fore-fathers – closer, more loving and sincere.

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