Responsibilities as a Tenant

Are you going planning to rent an ? Before you get an apartment, as a tenant you will have some responsibilities.

The biggest responsibility of the tenant is to abide by the terms of the lease agreement. The tenants should pay the rent on time if you are not able to make out the payment on time then you need to take the permission from the landlords and pay in a stipulated time period. You need to take care of the places you are renting for and keep it sweep, vacuum and keep the apartment clean out of mess. If you are going on a long leave you have to inform your landlord so that they can take care of the apartment in your absence. And you have to pay the rent to the landlord even you are in leave. Purchase renters insurance. Repairs and damages caused by you should be informed to the landlord and they have the right to inspect the apartment with the advance notice of 24 hours. If you want to have pet with you then you need to inform your landlord at the time of agreement. Most of the apartment owners will not allow pets to stay in the apartments. There are some pet friendly apartments also if you have the compulsion that your should be with you. When you move out make sure that the apartment is in the same condition. These are the responsibilities that every tenant should follow when you are opting for apartment living.

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