The Fastest Electric Car Of The World

The major challenge for the electric cars in competing with the fuel-run vehicles is speed and acceleration. The general recommend speed for the electrical cars is very less compared to the speed of fuel-run vehicles.

Shelby Super Cars (SSC) announced that it has overcome this challenge with its revolutionary electric vehicle technology, which will be unveiled in the 2nd quarter of this year. The 2009 Ultimate Aero produced by this company has been certified by he Guinness as the Fastest Production Car in the World.

The electrical version of this very car will be the first to use the announced electric vehicle technology of SSC. The electric version of the Ultimate Aero has many advanced features and is sure to set a standard in the electric vehicle industry.

Among the extraordinary features announced for this car, the 150-200 mile range on a single charge stands the highlight.

And what do you think would be the time taken for this hefty charge? Just 10 minutes…

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