Laptops push Desktops back

I know that something similar would happen. I already knew that mobiles will push landlines back and they push them so hard that I don’t see much landline connections these days for communication use.

Now it is the turn of laptops to push desktops back. And the phenomenon has started occurring. It has started long before in 2006 and still continuing for this year though there are some fluctuations in the trends. It is not only the thing with professionals; even consumers are shopping laptops for their homes. A recent report by IDC says that home users are the bigger contributors for peak in sales of the laptops.

And in response to this, manufacturers are also following cool strategies to please their consumers. Consumers can see drop in prices of laptops from $1000 the year earlier to $888 for this year. And also the wireless Internet services have become popular with people, making Internet to access easier from their notebooks itself.