The Bluetooth Technology In Cars


There are many businesses that offer a branded and reliable Bluetooth kit for your car. The recent hands-free kits are built around voice recognition technology. All you have to do is TALK to your kit in the car – to lift a phone, to dial a number, access phone book, add a contact, or even send a text message. I hope this technology hasn’t reached the affordable plateau yet, and thus it may well suit in luxury cars only.

However, if you are an owner of a regular mid-range or low-range car, you can deploy units that have one-touch answer capabilities and allow full operation of the phone even if it is in a nook-corner of your car. This is pretty much affordable.

Some kits like LG HFB-500, Iqua Vizor, etc, have a capability of charging your kits through solar energy. Thus, you can make sure that these kits do not fall heavy on your car’s battery.