How Hybrid Cars Help Get Better Mileage

HybridcarsAutomakers are not interested to abandon their investments on internal combustion engines; even the US government is pushing auto manufacturers to make double the average fuel economy by the year 2025. They are turning towards electric and hybrid technologies to improve the fuel efficiency in gas cars. The electrical vehicles and the hybrids are developed to reduce the usage of the gasoline. To achieve this, the engineers are come up with efficiency in different technologies on several aspects. These are including new systems to conserve or create power, aerodynamic improvements, friction reduction, and weight reduction. By recognizing these vehicles improvements automakers are applying some of those improvements to traditional vehicles to achieve the national efficiency goals.

  • Lightweight materials: The hybrid cars are building with lighter materials, it provides the advantage to get the gas mileage. If the car weight is heavy, it needs more energy, to generate energy it consumes more fuel. The light weighted cars needs lower energy and saves the fuel. The sports utility vehicles are weighing more and burns more fuel. The sports utility vehicles with hybrid option will give better gasoline mileage than gasoline burning versions. However, when compared with lightweight passenger cars, it is still low.
  • Tires: Properly inflated tires will give good mileage for any vehicle. The hybrid cars also have the same principles. In addition to that, the hybrid vehicles tires are manufactured differently by using stiffer materials. The optimal tier pressure is higher in a hybrid car than a passenger car. It makes tire very efficient and conserve energy.
  • Auto start and stop systems: Not to burn the fuel is the best way for better fuel economy. The auto start and stop system aid with that. The auto stop start system is a standard part of every hybrid car. When the engine is idle, the system shutdown the engine automatically. When the driver lifts off the clutch pedals or brake, or presses the accelerator engine immediately restarts. To do the job by start stop system in a hybrid car, lithium-ion or nickel metal hydride gives the power. These are large and expensive. Engineers make it to work on conventional vehicles with small lead acid batteries to get the fuel efficiency at lower cost.
  • Regenerative braking system: Through the regenerative braking system, electric and hybrid cars make some energy. When the driver releases the throttle pressure or applies the brake pedal, the vehicle’s electric motor switch polarity and works as a generator. The hybrid vehicles use the power generated from regenerative braking system to run their electric motors.

There are even some other areas concentrated by the automakers to get the fuel economy on hybrid cars. Those are like reduce the drag by increasing aerodynamics, smaller gas tank, electrohydraulic brakes, etc.