Hybrid Cars Vs Traditional Cars

Hybrid cars are new generation engines. These cars include both traditional car engine and a electric motor that works on both alternatively. Traditional cars works with a single energy source of combustion fossil fuels. In this article we have compared hybrid cars with traditional cars.

  • Engine: Hybrid cars engine is a combination of electric motors and gasoline engine. Traditional cars runs with a specific fuel like gasoline or diesel. Traditional cars engines can convert to alternative fuel type engine.
  • Regenerative braking: When coasting and braking generally energy gets wasted in traditional cars. But in hybrid cars the energy is converted and stored into the battery. In case of traditional engines this facility is not available.
  • Initial costs: Traditional cars are cheaper than hybrid cars. It is because of new technology and the demand is high in the public.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance of traditional cars is cheaper than hybrid cars. Spare parts availability of hybrid cars is difficult even at the company outlets or authorized dealers and they are expensive.
  • Warranty: Warranty for hybrid cars is higher than traditional cars. For traditional cars manufacturer warranty is upto five years. In case of hybrid cars it is upto eight years. Mileage during the warranty period is also high for hybrid cars.
  • Fuel economy: Fuel economy is one of the key advantage of hybrid cars. They can use both combustion and electric motor power sources efficiently. And some have auto power saver features. In case of traditional cars it is not available. But in recent surveys the hybrid cars are giving good fuel economy on city roads, but on highways they are equivalent to traditional cars.
  • Environmental effects: Hybrid cars are environmental friendly cars. The emissions of green house gases in the hybrid cars are very low than a traditional car.
  • Government rebates: For hybrid cars government provides tax benefits because of its environmental friendly nature and fuel efficiency. In case of traditional cars there is no tax exemption.
  • Insurance: Insurance companies will rarely give discounts for traditional cars. But, for hybrid cars insurance companies are right away giving discounts and some policies are designed specifically for hybrid cars.
  • Resale value: When compared to traditional cars, the resale value of hybrid cars is much higher.

Hybrid cars are available in all types of traditional fuel usage engines at different sizes and facilities. They are better for the environment than traditional cars.