Tips To Drive Green Vehicle

Pollution free environment is primary need of human life. Style of driving and maintenance of vehicle can bring the difference. Following are the best ways to drive green:

Drive a Hybrid or a Clean Diesel
This is a best way to drive green. This vehicle reduces the emission and fuel bill while driving. Ford escape hybrid and Toyota Prius are the two best models for this category. These cars run on electric motor while in rush hour traffic.

Small Engines and Options
Different mode of engine and transmission can bring the change in emission level. Options like four-wheel drive and third-row seats puts heavy weight on the vehicle, which results in, increase fuel consumption.

Shut Off Some Cylinders
Deactivating the engine cylinder while driving can result to improve fuel economy and reduced emission. Multi-Displacement System (MDS) by Chrysler is best example if this method.

Buy Small
Buying a small car is the best way to reduce car’s environmental impact. The Honda Fit is one of the most fuel-efficient small cars with an EPA rating of 28/35 mpg in a 2009 model.