Duties Of A Nanny

A Nanny’s job duties will differ from child to child and must be discussed by the employer before a nanny agrees to take a position. However, all nannies should satisfy particular expectations when caring for a child. The nanny should care for the child on following aspects:

The most important duty of nanny is protecting any child in her care carefully from danger. Nanny should provide careful supervision and teach the child regarding how to make safe decisions.

Nannies are generally responsible for meals and nap times of child. Therefore, a good nanny must have a basic knowledge of child nutrition and children’s sleep requirements.

Some nannies face trouble in cultivating discipline in the children in their care as they feel it is not their own place. But considering parents agree, a child should learn to obtain discipline from any caregiver, not just from a parent.

Good Habits
Many nannies spend regular and considerable amounts of time with children, so they play a very important role in teaching children good habits, which includes health and hygiene, manners and respect, and also proper speech and development.

Setting an Example
Nannies must understand that children are watching and learning from them, just as they do with their parents. So, nannies have a special responsibility of teaching children how to behave and function in the world, not only with their words but also with their own actions.

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