Tips To Avoid Pets Summer Insects And Diseases

Usually summer brings lot of joys, sunshine, fresh air and lots of opportunities for your pet to get out and enjoy the weather at your side but at the same time it increases the chances of hazards to their health and safety. So every pet owner should aware in summer now I am share some important information that will help you keeps your pet away from these disasters. Biting insects are the most common summertime pet complaints, and the most familiar to people. Fleas, ticks and mosquitoes can cause problems for your pet.

  • Fleas: The most common pet parasites are fleas, and their most active season in the Northern Hemisphere is summer or more particularly, April through August. Fleas can make your dog or cat thoroughly miserable, and extremely ill. These tiny parasites feed on your pet’s blood and lay eggs in the animal’s skin. This can lead to tapeworm. An allergic pet can become even more ill, developing scabs and sores, and losing their hair. At this time there are dozens of flea preventatives on the market, from flea collars to flea dips and baths. Most only need to be applied once a month and will be effective in keeping fleas off your dog or cat for up to thirty days.
  • Ticks: The tick is another bloodsucker that likes to attach itself to animals. Ticks live in woodsy and field areas, and find their meals by sensing heat. When something warm-blood passes by, a tick will cling to clothing or hair and eventually find itself to a body area with little hair. Once there, it inserts its mouth parts into the skin and begins feeding. It will not let go until it has had a full meal. At that point, it withdraws its mouth parts, drops off the body and crawls off to lay its eggs. If a tick does manage to sink its teeth into your pet, it should be carefully removed with tweezers and the spot dabbed with rubbing alcohol.
  • Mosquitoes: Your pet needs mosquito repellant just as much as your kids do. Mosquitoes are more than irritants they carry and spread disease, and they will bite your pet. The most serious disease carried by mosquitoes is actually parasite heartworms. Keep pet indoors during prime mosquito hours and use area mosquito repellants.