Define A Job Clearly Before Hiring

Many of the recruiters define the job profile, roles, and responsibilities often. More often, a bit routinely. In the process, they include too much content many a times much deviated. So, how to define a job precisely?

Make it separate for Operations and Support staff
You can’t have the job description alike for operations and support sections, i.e. an operations job require a more clear cut description rather than a support role. This is because support roles mostly involve in ad-hoc tasks and assignments.

Take the help of the people already worked in that role
Who else can know what is required for a role that a person who has already done it. Take suggestions from the people already working or worked earlier in that role. Take updates periodically.

Understand the candidates
The important one – Can the interview candidates match with the demands of a role? Are you asking too much or asking that is not required! Know what skill can you expect and what not from a candidate on an average before giving a final shape to the JD.

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