General Procedure Of Recruiting A Candidate

The process of recruitment is huge as it involves many steps and made up of many different elements. At present, many organizations are using detailed approach towards recruiting the excellent candidate than just hiring after interview. In the recruitment process, the employer tests a candidate in number of ways.

  • Ability and aptitude tests are conducted to measure specific skill sets and the resultant score gives an indication of actual ability or potential to learn skills required for the job. They calculate particular skills such as numerical, verbal, diagrammatic etc.
  • Psychometric and Personality tests evaluates individual choices in behavior, attitude and values by the responses to questions or statements given by candidate. These tests are inappropriate and have multiple answers with each of the questions relating to different aspects of candidate’s personality, such as team-working ability, leadership preferences. Psychometric Tests like those that verbal reasoning tests are conducted to evaluates a candidate’s ability to understand words and passages they have read.
  • Numerical reasoning tests are meant to test ability to work with and solve problems related to numbers.
  • Personality tests, such as questionnaire (opinions or inquiry) are conducted to know about candidate and to test his or her thinking style and helps in motivating thought process of candidate.
  • Apart from these, group discussions are conducted to evaluate how well a candidate can deliver their opinions and how well a candidate can solve a problem in a group.

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