Vinegar Helps in Increasing the Beauty of Your Body

Vinegar adds beauty to your skin with proper usage. It is wonderful and inexpensive when compared to other beauty products. Skin problems like itching, flaking, dullness etc are solved with use of this and it acts as natural acidity to skin.

diethylhexyl butamido triazoneAge spots
Many people suffer with this problem and use many creams to avoid them. Mixture of vinegar and onion juice can solve this problem.

Itchy skin
Pour 8 ounces of apple cider vinegar into bathtub and stay in bathtub for at least 15 minutes.

Cleansers and toners
Mixture of same quantity of vinegar and water, wash face with the above mixture. It acts as cleansers and toner for skin.

For oily skin take a mixture of apple cider vinegar and cool water of same quantity and do facial with this mixture.

To outbreak pimples, make a paste of honey, wheat flour and vinegar and apply on the pimples for full night and rinse it in morning. It acts as healing process for skin.

Vinegar acts as good conditioner for hair, just add one tablespoon of vinegar on hair rinse it gently with water. Massage with vinegar on scalp before shampooing can be better tip to overcome the dandruff.

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