Why Should You Take Sea Food?

There are many potential arguments I can give on why you should take sea food. The intake of sea food in regular diet has many health related benefits. It was estimated that Americans alone consumed a total of around 4.908 billion pounds of sea food for 2007.

There are wide varieties of sea animals that we use for our consumption. Fish is obviously the most common sea food. Other types of sea food include prawns, shrimp, roe, shell fish, snails, lobsters, etc.

The benefits of intake of sea food include

  • They tickle your taste buds with just their names. When you go to coastal areas they arrange you a wide variety of sea foods.
  • Sea foods cut the risk of cardio vascular diseases, because they contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and EPA and DHA which are good to heart.
  • It keeps away fatigue, inflammation, and arthritis.
  • Seafood is rich sources of antioxidants which help to enhance the performance of your immune system.
  • Seafood is rich in vitamins like E, C, D, and A.