Tips to Get Rid Of Irritating Cold

Cold is very nasty and highly contagious illness (quite exaggerating if I call it a disease).

It doesn’t let us live our social life peacefully. I don’t like to say ‘excuse me’ every time I sneeze in public places. But I am compelled to do so; and what compels me is a silly, tiny nasty virus tickling my nostrils each and every minute.

Whenever I catch Cold, I try a lot to get rid of it as soon as possible, at least before I transmit the virus to my girl friend.

Recently when I caught cold, I have tried these tips and they worked out. Try if it works for you too…

  • Prevention is always better than cure. Never roam in a cold weather or with cold infected people.
  • If you are caught with cold even after so many precautions, try not to wander in cold weather.
  • Every human body has natural healing factor to a certain level. It keeps on fighting each and every second. All we need to do is give body a little rest so that you give more power to your healing factor.
  • Be in a clean and sanitary place and keep your surroundings away from dust.
  • Don’t opt for too many medications to help you cure fast. They may result in side effects.
  • Sleep is the best way to heal your cold. Sleep as much as you can.

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