Qualities Of Yoga Teacher

A yoga teacher should meet the criteria of communication, assistance, listening, and adjustment.

  • Knowledge: A yoga teacher should have a broad understanding of the yogic path, and yoga’s tools, to assist individual students to cultivate a personal practice. Certain amount of proficiency is required, though complete knowledge is gained by practicing with individuals under the instruction and supervision of a mentor.
  • Communication. A yoga teacher carefully selects what to say to a student, and how to communicate. The points considered by teacher before teaching yoga are ‘What is the student prepared to hear and learn’, ‘ What is the most applicable way to say it’.
  • Self-control. A yoga teacher should not abuse his or her relationships with students, and should not be captured in power, admiration, or manipulation. Self-control also helps a teacher to notice a student’s suffering and provide moral strength and best ways to get relief.
  • A Teacher. A yoga teacher should maintain association with his or her own teacher. There must be some attachment to a mentor who can ideally provide feedback and guidance on one’s own teaching.

Yoga teacher should encourage the student to learn the skills and should not be rude.

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