Do’s & Don’ts on Renting an Apartment

My friend who is a tax consultant stays in one of the Orlando apartments once came to me and asked what can be the possible problems in on renting a new apartment and what to do to overcome them. Then I said it is better to prepare some checklist of what to do and what not to do on renting an apartment. I will share that checklist of dont’s and don’ts on renting an apartment.


  • See the apartment thoroughly
  • Visit the neighborhood at various times of the day, night & weekend.
  • Read the lease and be sure you understand it.
  • Before you sign the lease, obtain a copy of any rules & regulations.
  • Be sure that the landlord writes into the lease (and signs) any promised repairs.
  • Keep a copy of the lease along with a copy of any additional rules/regulations.
  • Know the rules concerning pets if you plan to have any.
  • Be aware of any maintenance responsibilities if you are renting a house.
  • Know what the penalties are for breaking a lease.


  • Don’t sign a lease for more periods if you are going to rent for shorter periods.
  • Don’t sign a lease without first seeing the apartment.
  • Don’t sign a lease with an automatic renewal clause.
  • Don’t sign a lease that gives the landlord unlimited access without notification unless in the case of an emergency should landlords be permitted to enter your apartment without notifying you first.

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