The Adversary of Green House Gases

One of the major effects of the greenhouse gases is optical wavelength radiations are directly reaching the atmosphere. And among that 19 percent of that could reflect back into the space. And 10 percent is dotted by their molecules. The total reflected by the earth is 31 percent.

Twenty percent of radiations are observed by the dust, ozone layer, and water layer in the atmosphere.

The rays which are coming from the sunlight are observed by the earth and it getting heated. Then it tries to cool the ground by emitting infrared radiations.

Without greenhouse effect, the temperature on the earth is too cold for human life. Radiations which are coming from sunlight falling directly on the earth, it is dangerous to every living creature in the world.

Researchers said that melting of polar ice caps will make low lying countries wiped off from the world map in the coming years.