Know How HVAC System Works

HVAC is a complex system of heating, ventilating and air conditioning. This system unites several components which cool and heat the room. Dual duty is performed by components such as ventilation systems and heating pumps for both air conditioning and heating. Many home owners rely on this system as the heating or cooling continues until it reaches the temperature you have set. It is the thermostat that senses the temperature setting. Let us discuss briefly about how HVAC system works:

  • Air Conditioning system
    In HVAC system, air conditioning is the most utilized unit. The function of the air conditioner is very effective in the HVAC system and it has the capacity to cool large areas. It simply lowers the temperature by a unique process. It takes away heat and moisture from the air thereby passing it over the cool coils known as evaporator coil then blowing out cool and conditioned air. Then a special chemical called refrigerant travels to the coils and the liquid is changed to gas. Finally cool air is blown by a fan through ventilation system that gives out conditioned air.
  • Ventilation system
    An important role in air conditioning and heating process is played by ventilation systems. If there is any problem or any blockage in the duct work, functioning of the system is greatly affected. The ventilation system comprises of number of vents, registers and a duct work. Air conditioned air and heated air passes through this system. As the entire function of HVAC depends on ventilation system, it is important for the home owners to check and ensure it is in a good working condition. Unblocked and a clean duct work leads to effective performance of the entire system.
  • Heating systems
    The operation of heating system is almost similar to air conditioning system. The cool air from indoor is taken away, warmed by heating pipes and finally blown. Heat pumps are energy efficient as energy consumed in this process is less when compared with the amount of heat produced by it. Heat produced by heating pipes is thrice the times energy consumed by it.

Air conditioner, heater, ventilation components altogether forms a complex HVAC system. They are appropriate for large houses, residential or commercial building purpose. HVAC systems are best suited for the countries where the climate is extremely hot or extremely cold. Many people are unaware of this system and is less appreciated because of its complex system.