Various Types of Greenhouses for Your Home

If you are a garden lover and if gardening is your hobby, a greenhouse will help you with perfect spot. This is clear option for gardening because it will make a vast difference in what you grow and how you want to grow. For this, the first thing you have to do is select the type of the green house that you want depending on the material, climatic changes, look, etc. Here, we can help you out with this article. Below are few types of greenhouses listed, so look at those and choose the one that you need for your garden.

Based on the climatic conditions
Hot greenhouses: Hot houses are especially designed for the tropical plants like caladium, gardenia, etc. Hot houses are expensive to maintain because they require most heat supplement and insulation. Usually the temperature should range 60 degrees for the tropical plants to survive.

Warm greenhouses: Plants that can’t stand winter climatic conditions can be kept under this warm greenhouses by which making them to grow all around the year. So, warm greenhouses are especially good from the plants that can’t survive in winter season. Warm greenhouses maintains the temperature around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. But, this temperature range won’t support many tropical plants. So, check with this issue and plant right plants in right greenhouse.

Cool greenhouses: Cool houses keeps your garden plants above the freezing level. These houses are good for the frost sensitive plants because, these plants can’t grow all around the year if they are experiencing the freezing temperatures. Especially plants like hibiscus, geraniums, etc. So, see to it that you choose the right plants if you are using a cool greenhouses for gardening.

Based on the material
Green houses can be constructed with many types of materials, but the commonly used are glass, plastic, aluminum and there are also some modern greenhouses. Here we have listed out few of them.

Glass greenhouses: Glass is the material used as a traditional covering giving an appealing look. Though they are satisfactory options some times, it has disadvantages like can’t retain heat, can break or crack easily, it can’t diffuse light. So, if your choice is glass it gives extra burden for maintenance.

Plastic greenhouses: Plastic again is categorized into many other materials like fiber glass, polythene, etc. Some of the plastic materials transmits less heat than the glass, they are durable, in-expensive and resistant, but varies with the type of plastic. Drawbacks with it is, it gets dirt quickly, has very short life span and need replacement at-least once in a year.

These are the few types of greenhouses that you can use for your garden. So, check which greenhouse gives your garden benefits and choose it.