Stone Choices for Garden Pathways

Your garden is incomplete without pathway. Pathways are very important in gardens to avoid any unknowing stepping on the plants, to create a unique theme for your garden and for more professional look.

Garden pathways can be made with the help of various stone options available. You should make a choice based on the requirements of your garden. If you want in-expensive stone pathways go for pea stones, if you want pathways with stepping stones use natural rock. Some of the stone pathways are listed below.

Flag stone pathways
Flagstone pathways are suitable for traditional gardens. Laying the pathways with these stones helps in smooth walking without any distraction in the garden. It won’t effect the plants and these are for the people who are looking for permanent pathways. Lay this stone on the pathways and use mulch or grow grass, use small stones or cement in between the flagstone so that they fit well.

Gravel for rough paths
If you want to give your pathways a rough look you can use pea or granite gravel in the pathways. If you use the pea gravel it will be some what difficult for walking, in moving the rolling objects etc.

Granite gravel is some what better when compared to the pea gravel. Using the gravel you can enhance the look of the garden. Pea gravel is for good if you are looking for the cheap pathways.

Paved stone paths
Paved pathways are generally made with tiles or bricks. This pathways are more comfortable to walk and are safe. Many people from different countries prefer paved paths for their front gardens. The benefits of paved paths in garden are, they avoid local flooding, it avoids the rain water getting into the garden and doesn’t cause soil erosion. These paths are permanent are are easily laid. They can withstand to the climatic changes. You can give a new look to your garden with tile and brick pathways.

Stepping stones
If you want to give your garden a modern look then, you can make pathways with zigzag stepping stones. You can use this stepping stones in various sizes large, floating, etc. You can use various type of stones as stepping stones in your pathways. This won’t disturb any part of the garden. You can also use natural stones in your home to place as a stepping stone in your garden. This saves your money as well as time. Stepping stones can be arranged based on the need. So, it varies from the other paths and gives unique look.

Loose and fixed pebble stones
If you want to lay the path in short time then loose pebbles will help you out. These are not permanent. It just requires border to hold it.

If you want a permanent path then, fixed pebble stones can be used for laying the path. These are used only to enhance the look of the garden but, really it is difficult to walk on the pebble stone pathways but if you slabs in the middle then it will be easy for you to walk. So, see it whether it is necessary for your garden to give a modern look. These are expensive stone choices for pathways.

These are some of the stone choices for your pathway. Choose them based on your gardens requirement.